Feedback 2022

Find out how we used your donations to help the needy.

The Charity raised the gross sum of £67,251; The costs for implementing projects was, £61,762. The Charity’s reserves for this year were therefore, 5,488 for the year ending 2022. Its income was directed solely in meeting charitable objectives. Specifically, the funds raised have gone towards:

800 water pumps and filter plants – traditional and motor installed – for homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, stations and other public areas.

Over 6000 food servings and groceries rations for families. On behalf of those donating, we have organised, Qurbanis, Sadqah, street sehers and Iftaris and Lillah langars.

38 homes and shelters built for the homeless. This is alongside essential repairs and adaptations and much-needed improvements such as installing wudu areas in houses, clinics, Mosques and madrassas.

Moreover, this Charity is in the beginning phase of constructing an orphanage in Pakistan. It will be for 200 boys and offer full-time accommodation, welfare and education. The boys will greatly welcome this facility,

Education for ALL! 700 poor children have been educated since 2015 at madrassahs in three towns. Some of this number are currently completing Hifz-e-Qur’an training with us. They include boys and girls.

The Charity has also helped families to purchase school uniforms and essential equipment to enable children to attend secondary schools. We are introducing scholarships for further education to allow young people to continue their educational journeys and achieve great things…insha’ Allah.

For older citizens, our monthly allowances for pensioners assists them with household costs. We are presently helping over 58 families on a regular basis. The disabled and those deemed helpless are cared for by us to help them meet health and living expenses.

The charity has helped arrange countless operations and medical needs for them and children. We help provide them shilled training to enable greater freedom. We are especially proud we can support so many elderly widows through your donations. They extend countless supplications for your help, ameen.

Further, for pensioners who cannot afford to do so, we intend through kind donations to send a small group of the most needy for Pilgrimage to Mecca. This shall allow them to perform Umrah. 0broidery skills to create new income opportunities.

Dowry Arrangements – we collect donations to help parents experiencing difficulty to help them arrange dowries for their daughters. Your help has allowed 65 families to meet this important religious duty. Al-Bokhari Charity thanks our supporters for these very kind acts; we hope you can continue to offer your donations in the future.

This has been a brief summary of our recent accounts. There is so much more help we provide, regularly. Please be assured your donations to any of the projects fully and sincerely go towards the poorest in Pakistan they are intended to help. May Allah Be Kind to all of us…ameen.

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